«Russian Classical Ballet Theater» was founded in 2009.

 A reason for creating a ballet company Russian Classical Ballet Theater was a need in a young and promising group having long-reach artistic ambitions both in classical and contemporary lines. The theater’s major mission is to preserve the legacy of grand Russian ballet masters and discover new choreographic lines and opportunities. Russian ballet has always been—and remains—one of the parts of Russian identity.  Throughout its centuries-long history, it became a quality seal in global theater art. Ballet always means majesty, top-grade professionalism, and intellectual value.

Today, the theater is focused on enhancing public awareness and carrying on the traditions of the world ballet. The theater’s core repertoire includes «Giselle», «Romeo and Juliet», «Don Quixote», «Carmen Suite», «Walpurgis Night» (single-act ballets), «Snow White and Seven Dwarfs», «Cinderella», and diamonds of Russian classical ballet—Tchaikovsky’s «Swan Lake», «The Nutcracker», and «Sleeping Beauty».
To date, the company counts over 40 ballet artists: graduates of summit-level choreography schools,
including Moscow, Leningrad, Perm, Novosibirsk, Kyiv, and other academies. Besides, some performances feature honored guests invited from leading theaters of Russia and beyond.
Every year, the theater goes on an international tour. Lots of cities of Italy, Switzerland, France, Spain, Portugal, Poland, Luxembourg, China, Mexico, Salvador, Guatemala, Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Panama, US, UAE, and other countries have already seen our plays. Russian tours represent an integral part of the theater. By now, we can state that we have been to all the regions of Russia. In Moscow, our plays are shown at such grand stages as the Kolobov Novaya Opera Theatre of Moscow and Russian Academic Youth Theater.
Ballet is not just performance; it is a kind of art that requires being delicate and sensible. We hope that not only our theater can fulfill its social and cultural mission, but it also will cultivate the esthetic taste in the field of ballet art among people. We are sure theater goers gain much pleasure from what we do. The company of the Russian Classical Ballet Theater is always in good artistic shape, facing—and solving—the boldest challenges.

«Seeking new solutions, preserving traditions of Russian classical ballet»
Valentin Grishchenko
Generale Director.