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Valentin Grishchenko: «Russian ballet was always one of our country symbols»

“We are very grateful to you that you come to our performances. We are extremely encouraged by the interest in our team and that we are compared with large state theaters. We always listen to the opinion of critics and, of course, the audience.”


Summer Ballet Seasons at RAMT: «Don Quixote»

The Russian Classical Ballet Theatre, founded 13 years ago, appreciates and preserves classical choreography, complementing it with modern bright accents. Even without knowing the libretto, it is easy to understand what is happening on the stage, especially when the dancers have not only impeccable plastique, but also lively, artistic and rich facial expressions.


«Swan lake». Russian Classical Ballet Theatre

This ballet, overturning all the canons of academic choreography, brought not only success, but also immortality to the story about bewitched girls. It is unlikely that there will be a ballet work more famous and, at the same time, with a more complex and controversial stage fate. The extraordinary popularity made it a symbol of all ballet art.

«Sleeping beauty». Russian Classical Ballet Theatre

“Sleeping Beauty” of our Theatre has everything that made it the crowning achievement of ballet art: pantomime, spectacular genre scenes, classical dance forms, and, of course, a plot familiar to everyone since childhood, which will be understandable to viewers of all ages.

«Swan lake» — russian ballet classic

Each theatre has its own director's edition and its own ending: happy or unhappy. It all depends on how the director feels the work. The production of the Russian Classical Ballet Theatre (artistic director V. Grishchenko) differs from others in rich costumes. They are very bright, saturated and pleasing to the eye. Each costume wants to be considered in detail.


«Sleeping beauty» by Russian Classical Ballet Theatre at Summer Ballet Seasons

It was this ballet at the very beginning of its journey that set a certain height for the unity of music and dance, using both dramatic techniques and the possibilities of decoration. This story about the victory of good over evil has become a kind of standard of the genre. However, the fairy Carabosse of the Russian Classical Ballet Theatre does not leave the image even when bowing, perhaps she is plotting something again!


«The Nutcracker»: magic any time of the year

The libretto of The Nutcracker was based on an arrangement of the fairy tale written by Alexandre Dumas père in 1844 (the publication was titled The History of the Nutcracker). The main idea of ​​the ballet was the all-conquering feeling of love, which turned the wooden Nutcracker into a man - this is the simplified philosophical concept of Hoffmann's fairy tale.


Summer Ballet Seasons: «Giselle»

In July, the audience of the Summer Ballet Seasons saw perhaps the most lyrical and romantic performance about sacrificial love - the ballet Giselle performed by the troupe of the Russian Classical Ballet Theatre (libretto by Vernoy de Saint-Georges and Theophile Gautier to music by Adolphe Adam).

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«Sleeping beauty» ballet and its dance philosophy

Enrico Cecchetti was the first to play the role of the evil fairy. This image turned out to be so vivid that since then this part has been performed by men. The Russian Classical Ballet Theatre under the direction of Valentin Grishchenko is no exception - a relatively young ballet team created in 2009.

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Temperament and grace: «Don Quixote» at XXI Summer Ballet Seasons

On the stage of the Russian Academic Youth Theater, as part of the XXI Summer Ballet Seasons, the Russian Classical Ballet Theater under the direction of V. Grishchenko presented one of the most striking works based on the novel of the same name by Miguel Cervantes.

Moskovskiy Komsomolets
Sergei Skvortsov made an amazing performance at Summer Ballet Seasons

Skvortsov's dance was amazing. To describe his technique, it is not enough to give standard definitions. The technical achievements of even such an unsurpassed dancer, as Ivan Vasilyev, the invited premier of the Bolshoi Theater, pale in front of it - and he is our main trickster in the ballet space.

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Summer Ballet Seasons: the biggest ballet forum of Russia

As always, there were many performances of regular participants of the Summer Seasons in the playbill - the Russian Classical Ballet Theatre conducted by Valentin Grishchenko and the National Classical Ballet by Anna Nekhlyudova. They presented their versions of classical ballets by P. Tchaikovsky, L. Minkus, A. Adam, S. Prokofiev on the RAMT stage.

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Summer Ballet Seasons: time test

The performances of the Russian Classical Ballet conducted by V. Grishchenko were graced by the charming Alexander Filimontsev. The audience fell in love with the prankster Jester in "Swan Lake" and the comical Minister of Dance from "Cinderella".

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«The Nutcracker» ballet

The famous story, which is based on a children's fairy tale, is one of the most famous works of the world ballet repertoire. The Nutcracker has been attracting the attention of viewers on all continents for more than a hundred years.

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Traditional Summer Ballet Seasons at RAMT stage

"Don Quixote is an emotional performance, and all the actors like it. Classics are classics, but Don Quixote charges emotionally. The audience perceives it very well, the artist is fed from this and every time he comes out happy after the performance," says artistic director Valentin Grishchenko.


«Don Quixote»: Russian Classical Ballet Theatre on RAMT stage

For a few minutes, the artistic director of the troupe, Valentin Grishchenko, appeared on the stage, gave parting words, encouraged and, asking everyone to take their seats for the most massive and “viewed” scene, quickly counted everyone - making sure that everything was in place. After that he left for his leading affairs.

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«Cinderellacc ballet by Russian Classical Ballet Theatre at RAMT stage

On the RAMT stage during these hot days the Summer Ballet Seasons continue. Recently, performances of the ballet "Cinderella" by the troupe of the National Classical Ballet (artistic director V. Grishchenko) took place. We share a photo report by Alexandra Dema.

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July Christmas miracles: «The Nutcracker» at XX Summer Ballet Seasons

Performed by the artists of the Russian Classical Ballet Theatre, The Nutcracker turned out to be quite dynamic, colorful and incredibly mysterious. Magic in every movement of artists. And the boys are especially impressed by the battle scenes, when dolls and mice brandish their sabers.


«The Fountain of Bakhchisarai»: khan Girey and his women

The main roles were given to the leading dancers of different troupes, apparently so that everyone would bring their own vision of the role and experience to the project. Nadezhda Ivanova (Maria) - the lyricism and fragility of the romantic heroine. Sergey Skvortsov (Khan Girey) - a high flight jump and a furious temperament of such power that you even stop sympathizing with Mary, yearning for her dead fiancé.

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«The Fountain of Bakhchisarai» at ХХ Summer Ballet Seasons

The ballet was firstly staged in 1934, becoming the first ballet and drama performance of the Soviet era. The version presented on the stage of the RAMT by the Russian Classical Ballet Theatre unfolds majestically and slowly.

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Rythmic pas of XX Summer Ballet Seasons: «Cinderella was as kind as she was beautiful»

"Cinderella" by the Russian Classical Ballet Theatre impresses not only girls, but also boys, thanks to artistry and spectacular choreography. Perhaps this is the one of the brightest productions in terms of drama. The role of stepmother by Pavel Sviridov - that's where it's impossible to hold back a smile!

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Believe in a dream! «Cinderella» at XX Summer Ballet Seasons

Undoubtedly, one of the most striking impressions of this theatrical off-season can be the anniversary of Summer Ballet Seasons at RAMT, and one of the most tender and joyful performances is Cinderella performed by the Russian Classical Ballet Theatre under the direction of Valentin Grishchenko.

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«The Nutcracker»: the most christmas tale!

The artistic director of the Russian Classical Ballet Theatre Valentin Grishchenko and ballet dancer Alexandra Krisa talk about the legendary ballet, the history of its creation and extraordinary popularity.

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XX Summer Ballet Seasons: «Sleeping beauty» ballet at RAMT stage

"Sleeping Beauty" is a pure classic, showing the school of Russian ballet, its clearness and lines… It is the most academic performance,” says Valentin Grishchenko, artistic director of the Russian Classical Ballet Theatre.

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«Sleeping beauty» ballet at Summer Ballet Seasons.

Marius Petipa composed the choreography for this performance practically without hearing a single melody, but painted the desired music with precision. He knew in advance how certain parts should look and sound.

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«Fountain of tears» on RAMT stage: Russian Classical Ballet Theatre participate at XX Summer Ballet Seasons

The libretto of The Fountain of Bakhchisaray by the Russian Classical Ballet Theatre was written by Valentin Grishchenko, the artistic director of the group, which was founded in 2009.

Summer Ballet Seasons 2019

The 19th Summer Ballet Seasons are held at the RAMT Theatre from July 1 to August 28. The soloists of the Parisian Grand Opera and the best Moscow and Russian troupes are visiting the project.

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