New Year's tale about first love

Ballet in two acts

Libretto - Marius Petipa, based on the tale by E. T. A. Hoffmann

Music - Piotr Tchaikovsky

Choreography - Marius Petipa, Lev Ivanov

Premiere - December 6, 1892, Kirov Theatre (now Mariinsky Theatre) in Leningrad (now Saint Petersburg)

Music familiar from childhood, incredible costumes and dances, as well as a Christmas tree, snow, alive dolls, first love and New Year's miracles: “The Nutcracker” ballet, like an exciting Christmas dream, full of wonderful transformations and discoveries, has become a symbol of the New Year all over the world.

The plot is based on Hoffmann's fairy tale "The Nutcracker and the Mouse King" slightly adapted by Alexandre Dumas-father. Dumas' innovations made the fairy tale simpler and even more interesting, and therefore “The Nutcracker” ballet began to attract the attention of a much younger audience: after all, a fairy tale story with real villains, wizards, enchanted princes, fairies and miracles will always appeal to any kid and adult.
The authors of the world-famous ballet: choreographer Marius Petipa and director of the Imperial Theaters Ivan Vsevolozhsky, who composed the libretto, Lev Ivanov, who choreographed and, of course, composer Pyotr Tchaikovsky, who created brilliant music for this New Year's story. It became his most recognizable art work in every country on the globe. With classical clarity and fullness it combines the best features of musical dramaturgy and mature symphonic art.

“The Nutcracker” occupies a special place among the late works of P. I. Tchaikovsky: various musical images are innovatively applied in it. In addition, the celesta, a musical instrument ordered from Paris at the request of the composer, sounded in the ballet for the first time.
The ballet has undergone several changes: the first version of Petipa-Ivanov was supplemented by the second version by choreographer Vasily Vainonen, which was released in 1934 at the Kirov Theatre (Mariinsky). It has become the most classical ballet of the 20th century, which is performed not only by mature artists, but also by students of the Academy of Russian Ballet. In 1966, the premiere of “The Nutcracker” by Yuri Grigorovich took place at the Bolshoi Theatre: it is believed that he managed to create an ideal solution to Tchaikovsky's score.

Performed by the artists of our theatre, "The Nutcracker" turned out to be dynamic, colorful and incredibly mysterious. We try to keep the magic in every movement of our dansers.
There is New Year's holiday in the family, children watch tricks and live dolls, they receive gifts. Masha now has a toy for cracking nuts - the Nutcracker. On New Year's Eve, she falls asleep with him and has a dream about a fight between an army of mice led by the Mouse King and an army of soldiers led by the Nutcracker. The second wins, and the Nutcracker turns into a prince, dances with Masha among the snowflakes, shows her the dance of dolls of different nations. A young man and a girl fall in love, Masha leaves the world of childhood and wakes up under a Christmas tree, hugging a doll for cracking nuts.
Act 1

Guests are invited to the Stahlbaums' house for the New Year's holiday. Among them is Drosselmeyer, a close friend of the owners of the house, a magician and storyteller. Children play in the joyful expectation of New Year's gifts. The Christmas tree was lit up with bright lights, the festive ball began.
Full text
As soon as Drosselmeyer moves away from the guests for a minute, the children beg him to show tricks and new toys. They are delighted with clockwork dolls. He gives Masha a new doll, a funny and awkward Nutcracker. Masha's brother plays with it and then breaks it. But Drosselmeyer repairs the Nutcracker, and he dances with Masha again. The evening party is coming to an end. Farewell dance - and the guests disperse, all children go to bed.

The night is coming. The room is illuminated by the mysterious light of the moon. Masha cradles the broken doll and falls asleep next to the Nutcracker. She dreams that the dolls come to life and the whole world is transformed: objects lose their usual outlines, the Christmas tree grows.

Suddenly, a whole horde of mice appears, led by the Mouse King. Dolls and soldiers are in disarray. The brave Nutcracker, together with the puppet army, enters into battle with the Mouse King and his retinue. The mice are fleeing, the battlefield is deserted.

Than a miracle happens: a funny doll becomes a beautiful Prince, who takes Masha into an amazing land of fairy tales. The room turns into a winter forest. A blizzard begins, snow whirlwinds are circling, sweeping snowdrifts from sparkling snowflakes!

Act 2

Masha and the Nutcracker Prince are traveling through the fairy tale kingdom. In honor of the winner, a ball begins, its inhabitants greet the lovers. Masha and the Nutcracker Prince are happy, they understand that they love each other. And revived dolls from different parts of the world show them their dances. Spanish, Arabic, Chinese, Russian and French dolls dance in front of them. New Year's Eve, the last night of Masha's childhood, ends. Waking up in her room, she finds her Nutcracker doll, which she loved so much, and realizes that it was a wonderful dream...