A touching love fairy tale story


Ballet in two acts

Libretto - I. Vsevolozhsky and Marius Petipa based on the fairy tale by Charles Perrault

Music - Piotr Tchaikovsky

Choreography - Marius Petipa, Lev Ivanov

Premiere - January 3, 1890, St.-Petersburg, Mariinsky Theatre

An encyclopedia of classical dance, a breakthrough in ballet music, a delightful extravaganza: all this is about the ballet "Sleeping Beauty", the world's masterpiece of ballet art.

The idea to create a ballet based on the famous fairy tale by Charles Perrault about eternal sleep and the kiss of a handsome prince came to the head of the director of the Imperial Theatres, Ivan Alexandrovich Vsevolozhsky. He wrote the libretto himself and invented the first costumes, but, of course, the main authors of the masterpiece were Pyotr Tchaikovsky, who wrote an amazing music, and Marius Petipa, who embodied choreographic perfection in this stunning ballet.

“Sleeping Beauty”, in which the opulent atmosphere of french king Louis XIV was recreated, has become the most beautiful and most expensive ballet of Mariinsky Theatre. Tchaikovsky had to write music according to a clear plan of the choreographer, but this did not limit his sensual expression. The music was created between the Fifth Symphony and The Queen of Spades and became a pearl of lightness and light among compositions full of drama.
“Sleeping Beauty” is often called the ballet symbol of St. Petersburg: the light of white nights with the smell of lilacs conquers any evil. And the ballerina becomes the symbol of victory and the main character of the performance, in the first act she is naive and entering into life, in the second act she is a happy princess who has found love.

This ballet will never lose the interest of the audience and producers. Even before Petipa, it was staged in France, when the main role was danced by the legendary Maria Taglioni. Sergey Diaghilev took the ballet to London, the scenery and costumes for the luxurious production were made by the famous Lev Bakst. And Bolshoi Theater knows seven versions of the ballet, even after restoration in 2011 The Sleeping Beauty edited by Yuri Grigorovich opened the new season.
“Sleeping Beauty” of our Theatre has everything that made it the crowning achievement of ballet art: pantomime, spectacular genre scenes, classical dance forms, and, of course, a plot familiar to everyone since childhood, which will be understandable to viewers of all ages. Children will see in it the victory of good over evil and the triumph of justice, while adults will see a bit of philosophy: after all, the spindle with which the princess pricked symbolizes the thread of life and the transition to the adult world.
The royal couple arranged a celebration on the occasion of the birth of their daughter and invited everyone except the evil fairy Carabosse. The old woman appeared at the party anyway and cursed the princess: Aurora would prick herself with a spindle and fall asleep forever. The king forbids knitting, and the princess carelessly lives to the age of 16, but still finds the spindle hidden by Carabosse in a bouquet of flowers and falls asleep for a hundred years along with the kingdom. The Lilac fairy godmother brings the handsome prince, he defeats Carabosse, wakes up Aurora with a kiss, and the awakened kingdom celebrates their wedding.
Act 1/Prologue

The King and Queen celebrate the birth of their daughter, Princess Aurora. Catalabutte announces the arrival of the guests: the Fairy of Carelessness, the Fairy of Tenderness, the Fairy of Generosity, the Fairy of Playfulness, the Fairy of Courage and the godmother of Aurora, the Lilac Fairy.. Each brings a gift to the newborn: honesty, grace, prosperity, a beautiful voice and generosity. But the celebration is abruptly interrupted by the arrival of the evil fairy Carabosse, who is furious when she learns of the King's refusal to invite her to the ceremony.
Full text
The King blames Catalabutte for this. Carabosse, in anger, tears off his wig and declares her curse on Princess Aurora: on her sixteenth birthday, the princess will fall asleep forever, having pricked herself with a spindle. The Lilac Fairy, who did not have time to give the princess a gift, says that the dream will not be eternal - Aurora will be awakened by the kiss of the prince, fascinated by her beauty.

Act 1/Scene 1

Park of the King Florestan XIV castle. Princess Aurora is sixteen years old. King and Queen are happy - the prediction of the evil fairy did not come true. The princess Aurora appears, four princes claimants for her hand are introduced to her. She is nice to everyone, dances with each of them, but does not give preference to anyone. In the crowd, Aurora notices an old woman who hands her a bouquet with a hidden spindle. The princess takes the bouquet, without suspecting anything, and spins with him. Suddenly she pricked her finger! Aurora loses her strength and falls asleep, the old woman takes off her cloak and rejoices - this is the evil fairy Carabosse. At the same time, the Lilac Fairy appears - the patroness of Aurora, who, with a wave of her magic wand, plunges the entire kingdom into an age-old sleep.

Act 2/Scene 1

A hundred years have passed. Prince Desire is hunting in the forest with his friends and associates. When he is alone, the Lilac Fairy appears and shows him the image of Aurora, he is fascinated by her beauty. The prince begs the Lilac Fairy to show him how and where he can see the princess, she fulfills his request. They arrive at the palace where everything is covered with a thick layer of dust and webs. Desire defeats the evil Carabosse who was taking a nap nearby and awakens the Sleeping Beauty with a kiss. The whole kingdom wakes up with her. Captivated by the beauty and charm of Aurora, Desire asks the King and Queen for the hand of the princess.

Act 2/Аpotheosis

The lavish wedding of Princess Aurora and Prince Desire. Fairies of Diamonds, Sapphires, Gold and Silver came to congratulate them, as well as many fairy-tale characters: Princess Florina and the Blue Bird, White Kitty and Cat, Wolf and Little Red Riding Hood. The Prince and Princess get married, the Lilac Fairy blesses their marriage.