A funny tale for children and adults

Ballet in two acts

Libretto is based on the tale by Grimm brothers

Music - Bogdan Pavlovskiy

Choreography - Genrich Maiorov

Premiere - 1975, Kyiv Academic opera and ballet Theatre, Ukraine

Everyone knows a fairy tale by Grimm brothers about the sleeping beauty and the seven dwarfs. It gained even greater popularity after the 1937 film of the same name by Walt Disney was released and received the main movie prize - the Oscar. After such success, a lot of musicals, theatrical performances and films appeared on the plot about the poisoned apple.

Choreographer Genrikh Mayorov decided to stage a ballet based on the famous fairy tale. The music for it was written by Polish composer Bogdan Pavlovsky in the mid-70’s. The performance turned out to be so interesting that Mayorov staged it in Russia and abroad for another thirty years.

Other versions of the ballet appeared later. For example, in Kazan it was set to the music of Karen Khachaturian. In 2004 in Budapest, the ballet director of the Hungarian Opera House Gyul Harangoz staged his own version of the ballet, inviting rock opera composer Tibor Kochak to cooperate. The premiere was a huge success.
The Russian premiere took place in Rostov-on-Don. The viewer found himself either in the sinister chambers of the queen, or in front of a magic mirror, or in a fairy-tale forest, or in a mine with jewels, or in the house of the dwarfs. Bright and unusual music, colorful costumes, non-classical choreography - all this made a strong impression.

“Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs” is a ballet that brings you back to the world of childhood, it will be understandable to the audience of any age. This is a romantic story about how good will invariably win, and help will definitely come when needed.
The stepmother is jealous of Snow White because of her beauty and decides to kill her in the forest. But the good huntsman does not kill the girl, and the cute dwarfs invite her to live in their house. The stepmother comes there in the form of an old woman with a poisoned apple, the gullible girl bites it and dies. But the kiss of the handsome prince revives Snow White, she finds happiness, and her stepmother is kicked out in disgrace.
Act 1

In a certain kingdom, in a certain state, there lived an unprecedented beauty named Snow White. After the death of her parents, the Queen and the King, Snow White was left completely alone, the evil stepmother took away her golden crown and forced her to do the most difficult and dirty housework.
Full text
One morning, Snow White and her true butterfly friends were cleaning the palace. Suddenly the trumpets sounded. It was the King's son from a neighboring state who came to visit the Queen Stepmother. Prince Charming fell in love with Snow White at first sight - he was so fascinated by the beauty of the princess. The envious Queen ran up to the magic mirror in anger: “Tell me, mirror, who is the most beautiful in the world ?!” And the mirror showed her Snow White. Enraged, the Queen Stepmother called the huntsman and ordered him to take Snow White to the dense forest and kill her. The poor huntsman wept bitterly and led Snow White into the forest.

And the Queen, confident that her cunning plan had succeeded, again asked the mirror her question. And the mirror showed her how the huntsman could not kill Snow White and let her go. Enraged, the Queen imprisons the huntsman and prepares a new villainous plan: treat Snow White with a poisoned apple. Snow White was left alone in the forest and met good little animals: bunnies, chanterelles, squirrels, bears. They played together, had fun and invited her to warm up in the house.

Act 2

The house is such a mess, as if it had never been cleaned. Friends set to work, and soon the house sparkled with cleanliness. Snow White was very tired and fell asleep. The owners of the house - the dwarfs, returning from work, were very surprised to see the sleeping girl. Snow White woke up and told them her sad story. The dwarfs took pity on Snow White and offered to stay with them. And of course they got to know her:

I am Wise, because I am the oldest…
I am Kid, I am the smallest ...
I am Modest, I am very shy ....
I am Ach … Ahchoo
I am Sonya, I like to sleep...
I am Funny, I always have fun
Only one dwarf - his name was Grim - sat for a long time with an offended look. But, finally, he introduced himself to Snow White.

On a sunny morning, Snow White was preparing breakfast for the dwarfs. Now they have to exercise and wash themselves. Little by little they all get used to cleanliness and order. Hard-working little men go to work, and at this time the evil Queen, disguised as a decrepit old woman, appears in the house and gives Snow White a poisoned apple. Having bitten off a small piece, the girl falls dead. The queen viciously triumphs.

Snow White's friends run to her. The Prince also came, he was looking for Snow White everywhere. Everyone is deeply saddened by the death of a kind, beloved girl. The last time the Prince kisses her. And a miracle happens - Snow White comes back to life! Love has conquered witchcraft. And the Queen, seeing Snow White alive, rushes at her in a rage, but the good dwarfs and the Prince expel the Queen, who has lost her magical power, from the state forever. Everyone praises the good Snow White and the brave King's son.